2023 Danbury Hockey Ring of Honor Inductee: Alan Friedman

by Herm Sorcher

The third inductee into the Danbury Ice Arena Ring of honor was a key piece in the 5-year tenure of the Danbury Whalers organization – Alan Friedman.  


Alan’s role with the team was as ownership partner/President/CFO, but he extended deep into the daily management of the team and its development.  


In the Danbury Whalers run, the team captured the Championship in 2013 and made the finals in 3-consecutive seasons.  Still the only team in league history to reach that mark.   Alan was also named the 2013 Federal Hockey League Executive of the Year. 


Friedman stated, “I absolutely loved our run with the Whalers and it was a thrill of a lifetime.  The players, the fans and the community rallied behind us giving us an incredible ride.”  


Alan’s journey to Danbury started in 2008 when he launched the Brooklyn Aces hockey team of the Eastern Professional Hockey League (2007-2008).  The team captured the regular season points crown and featured nationally publicized promotions with former New York Rangers Ron Duguay and Nick Fotiu. 


Friedman’s love of sports started in his early years with watching the New York Mets and continues today with his active role and participation in his adult-hockey leagues. 


When asked on his fondest moment of the city’s only Championship – Alan replied, “Got to go with Game 3 of the Finals in 2013. The noise in the building was off the charts.  That’s how I’ll always remember it.”  


On being named to the Danbury Ice Arena’s Ring of Honor, Friedman stated “It’s a fantastic honor and I am humbled.  I can’t say enough how much I will enjoy being back in Danbury for this night.”