A Letter From the Hat Tricks

Dear Hat Tricks Fans:

Wow — what a season filled with your incredible support and intensity! We are beyond grateful.

The passion and dedication you showed game in and game out throughout the season was off the charts. There are no rivals to your efforts. They do not exist. You are in a category of your own.

When looking at who you are, many of you grew up hockey fans, loving the game, and even so, many of you witnessed your very first professional game at the Danbury Arena with the Hat Tricks on the ice. You fell in love with the team, the players, and the game experience, and have become bonded with the organization through our community efforts.

When summing up what being a Danbury Hat Tricks supporter is all about, it is probably best experienced by reading all of the recent social media messages, texts, calls, conversations, and emails that are posted and sent from you — the fans — about the team and the friendships you have made both on the ice and in the stands.

Even on our darkest day, Sunday's playoff and season-ending defeat in Michigan, your words were there to lift us up.

The most common threads always read — “I can’t wait for next year" and "We love you guys”.

These messages hit the spot and they could not be any more true. We, too, cannot wait for next year. It is going to be even better!

In closing the 2023-24 season, it was filled with so many moments, both on and off the ice, where the emotion took it to the next level. Numerous times we watched this team put it in high gear and we saw you rise out of your seats to roar your approval. There is simply nothing like it.

We are thankful for the opportunity to have hockey in Danbury and are appreciative to have you with us. It is an honor and a privilege every day and we will always treat it as such.

We humbly thank you for all your unwavering support and dedication to the Danbury Hat Tricks. You are amazing!

Rabbits Baby!!!

Danbury Hat Tricks Ownership, Staff, Players, and Management