Asst. Coach John Krupinsky given FPHL Founder's Award

by Casey Bryant

Danbury Hat Tricks assistant coach John Krupinsky has been given the FPHL Founder's Award for outstanding service and commitment to the FPHL.

Krupinsky, a sergeant for Danbury Police by day, has been an assistant coach for Danbury in the FPHL dating back to the days of the Danbury Whalers. His continued perseverance and devotion to hockey in the Hat City is an inspiration, and his contributions are invaluable to the Hat Tricks' organization.

Krupinsky is also highly active in the Danbury Hockey Alumni community. As an assistant coach, he has been able to coax several former Danbury Titans and Whalers out of retirement and back to the roster like defensemen Steve Brown and Martin Tuma. Plus, he was integral in organizing the Danbury Hockey Alumni Night on March 7th, inviting many former players and front office personnel back for a commemorative celebration of Danbury's illustrious hockey history.

He also received national attention by receiving Fox News' "Patriotic Sportsman" award in October.

"This isn't my award, this is a team award," commented Krupinsky. "This is about having a head coach in Billy McCreary and a team and organization that does the right thing. Billy, Bill and Jim Diamond, Herm Sorcher, Chris Buonanno...they have stood right alongside me and backed me up all season long. This is about the FPHL and a commissioner that supports my vision of how a team, organization and its players are expected to act.

"On behalf of all of us, thank you for this award," Krupinsky concluded.

More league awards will be announced as the week progresses.