Danbury Hat Tricks Jersey Unveiling

by Herm Sorcher

Today at the Danbury Ice Arena in Danbury, Connecticut, the Danbury Hat Tricks unveiled their inaugural set of team jerseys. The team is featuring three different sweaters, the black, white, and orange. 

In accordance with Federal Hockey League rules, the Danbury Hat Tricks will have the option to rotate the jerseys at home throughout the year.

Some notes and features on the jerseys include, that each one will have their own unique front crest, as only the black jersey features the team’s official logo. All three jerseys will feature a shoulder patch and the orange will be a Tricks spell out. The five diamonds on the “Top Hat D” represent the five previous professional teams in Danbury (Trashers, Stars, Mad Hatters, Whalers and Titans).

Official team jerseys are currently on sale. They retail at $150 with a name and number. For Danbury Hat Tricks season ticket holders, they are priced at $125. To place an order for a jersey, call 203-794-1704 or email hsorcher@aol.com.

The logo and jersey has been created and designed by Dominick Allesandro of AW-Design of New York City. Dom has previously designed the logos for the Danbury Trashers, Danbury Whalers, and Danbury Titans. They can be found at www.aw-design.com

The Danbury Hat Tricks season gets underway in October 2019. For more information on the Danbury Hat Tricks, call 203-794-1704.