Danbury Parking Authority Partners with Danbury Hat Tricks

by Herm Sorcher

The Danbury Hat Tricks are proud to announce that the Danbury Parking Authority has partnered with the club.  Hat Tricks fans will be encouraged to stay out of the penalty box – the parking penalty box.

The Danbury Parking Authority and the Danbury Hat Tricks will develop a campaign to educate and create awareness for hockey fans as to where they can park safely, legally, and most cost effectively in Danbury.  

Debbie Pacific, Director for the Danbury Parking Authority commented, “Professional hockey and the Danbury Arena have been great partners to work with over the years.  For numerous seasons fans have filled our garage and brought people to Downtown Danbury throughout the winter months.   We are already looking forward to this season.”

For further information on the Danbury Parking Authority, check out www.danburyparking.com

For further information on the team, check out  www.danburyhattricks.com  or call the

team office at 203-794-1704.