Gordy Bonnel, Capitals' Joe Beninati appear on new Hat City Hockey Show

by Casey Bryant

The DMV is well represented in the latest edition of the Hat City Hockey Show!

Casey is joined first by Hat Tricks forward and Mechanicsville, MD native Gordy Bonnel- in person, this time! Bonnel shares his eagerness to hit the ice again in anticipation for the 2021 season, wearing the number 9 as a Gordy, and how his parents have made themselves at home amongst the rabblerousers in Section 102.

Then, Emmy-Award winning play-by-play broadcaster Joe Beninati of the Washington Capitals tells stories of going to Madison Square Garden with his FDNY father, his mentors Doc Emrick and Gary Thorne, and how he's become one of the most stylish figures in hockey broadcasting.

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"We're going to be one of the top teams in this league, no doubt... Stay with us, we're doing what we can to make the season happen. Hopefully we can fill this place up soon." -Gordy Bonnel, on the expectations surrounding the team

"When I was 14, 15, I wanted to be a surgeon. It was all going to be Bowdoin to Harvard...then I got to school and things changed. Mom and Dad were holding their breath at home, hoping things were gonna turn out right." -Joe Beninati on his decision to switch career paths from orthopedic surgery to sports broadcasting