New Hat City Hockey Show with NHL's Steve Valiquette on YouTube

by Casey Bryant

Goalies have some weird superstitions. Dillon Kelley plays a movie in his head. Steve Valiquette meditates with a rose.

They're a different breed.

Presenting Episode 2 of the Hat City Hockey Show! Danbury's Dillon Kelley stops by to chat about his offseason fitness regimen and his Ron Hextall Moment in a shootout against the Carolina Thunderbirds last season.

Then, former New York Ranger and MSG Networks analyst Steve Valiquette discusses his time with legends like Roberto Luongo and Henrik Lundqvist, the Wild West that is Russia's KHL and his analytics studies in the world of hockey.

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"Yeah, I got cocky. I was like, 'hey man, if I start running my mouth and I back it up, this is going to fire up the boys.'" -Dillon Kelley on his fiery 7-6 shootout win over Carolina.

"We're on a plane from Moscow to Switzerland, and we're throwing out all our old luggage and our medical stuff because we were over weight... That's how we were rolling in Russia." -Steve Valiquette on travelling in the KHL

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