The saga continues: Hat Tricks react to second round of John Oliver jokes

by Herm Sorcher

Well, this escalated quickly. 

John Oliver took some joking shots at Danbury on HBO's Last Week Tonight. It was a bit like how Eminem described Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil" - insult us in a line, compliment us on the next. The Hat Tricks delivered a rebuttal, which now has over 31,000 views and counting, inviting John a.k.a. Dick Pants from "The Love Guru" to a game.

Well, Mr. Pants doubled down on his beef with the Hat City this Sunday.

"I've said it before, I'll say it again, [expletive] Danbury. Babies, elderly, pets, buildings, all of you can go [expletive] yourselves," John said.

Well, reactions around the Danburyverse have run the gamut. AJ Galante, former Trashers general manager turned boxing promoter invited John to his gym for a beating, while our mayor Mark Boughton unveiled the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant, which is pretty hilarious.

We decided to up our stakes as well. After a few good-natured barbs, of course. A jersey is coming, John. We're not joking. And to prove we're not just in it for that sweet jersey money, we're forwarding the jersey's cost to the ALS Association's Connecticut Chapter.

And we can talk all about life in the city, your new sweater and the various babies and buildings you'd like to punch when you come to a game as our VIP this winter.

'Til next time, Dick Pants.