Hat Tricks Partner with FanSaves to Connect Fans to Local Sponsors

by Herm Sorcher

Danbury, CT- The Danbury Hat Tricks have partnered with FanSaves, a digital coupon platform that gives fans free access to discounts and deals from the team’s sponsors. 

“We are excited to partner with FanSaves – adding this technology to our game experience is a huge plus for our fans and sponsors.  Already, just one weekend in, I can see how much more efficient this process is.  We are going to keep adding to it and the fans are going to reap the rewards” said Danbury Hat Tricks, President Herm Sorcher. 

The Hat Tricks join over 60 organizations across North America who are currently benefiting from the FanSaves platform which offers fans thousands of deals and discounts from affiliated brands, giving businesses a new way to market and promote their products and services while tracking analytics. 

“At FanSaves, we’re so excited to be partnered with the Danbury Hat Tricks so that we can help their fans and their season ticket holders connect with local businesses who sponsor the team all year long. Even on non-game days and in the off-season, people can get awesome deals just for being a fan” said FanSaves CEO, Shannon Ferguson. 

As the impacts of technology continue to have a growing impact on the sponsorship industry, the Hat Tricks are excited to be at the cutting edge of it while also promoting local shopping, as well as activating and engaging their fan base in a new way. 

Fans, locals and visitors to the area can sign up for a free account at www.fansaves.com. They can then follow the Hat Tricks FanPage and immediately receive free access to tons of great, local deals. Season ticket holders can unlock even better deals with their Exclusive Access code, which they will receive through correspondence from the team.