Hat Tricks Release Statement Regarding Indefinite Suspension of Daniel Amesbury

by Danbury Hat Tricks

Dedicated fans of the Danbury Hat Tricks: 

We appreciate your outpour of support for Daniel Amesbury and the Danbury Hat Tricks organization during this difficult time. 

While we are disappointed, and do not agree with the decision to suspend Daniel indefinitely, we respect that we are in a league with other teams and that based on the agreed upon by-laws, the governing body has made this decision and will enforce these rules fairly, uniformly, and without bias across the board. 

FPHL's Announcement of Suspension

Daniel is a father of four and has been a positive member of the Danbury community. This past summer, Daniel and his family stayed in Danbury, participating in a host of team, philanthropic, and charitable activities. Daniel also spent his time on the baseball field coaching his young daughter’s tee-ball team. 

Due to Daniel's unwavering commitment to Danbury and the Hat Tricks Organization, we have taken the stance to continue to embrace Daniel as an integral part of our community and will be working towards a creative repositioning of his role within our organization. 

Daniel has been a tremendous part of our success and Danbury Hat Tricks history. He will always have a place in Danbury to call home where he is welcomed as the Champion he is. 

Fans wishing to reach Daniel with messages of support can be directed through to this link on the team website: 

Daniel Amesbury Support Message Board

For our next home game on Saturday, Jan. 27, we are asking for the following: 

  • Bring printouts and photos of you with Daniel to be dropped off – the plan is to create a giant collage 
  • We will have a card for fans to sign to show their support and appreciation for Daniel’s efforts with the Hat Tricks

We thank you for your support.

- Danbury Hat Tricks Organization