Hat Tricks Sign Forward Robert DiTullio, Jr. to Celebrity Contract

by Doug Lattuca

DANBURY — The Danbury Hat Tricks are proud to announce the signing of forward Robert “Bob” DiTullio, Jr. to a Celebrity Contract for the Oct. 28 home game against the Carolina Thunderbirds.

DiTullio, Jr., 5-foot-10 inches, 227 pounds, is dedicating the game and his performance to raising money for the Vanishing White Matter Family Foundation in support of his good friend, Sam Buck who has the condition. DiTullio, Jr. has partnered with the Hat Tricks in the past to support this great cause.

"I’m grateful to have this opportunity to play for the Danbury Hat Tricks and raise awareness of Sam Buck’s condition, Vanishing White Matter," said DiTullio.

DiTullio Jr. will be in action on Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Danbury Ice Arena when the Hat Tricks host the Carolina Thunderbirds in a Commissioner’s Cup Championship rematch.

Fans can enter the code “BOBD” for 20% off their purchase. A portion of their order will go to the Vanishing White Matter Family Foundation.

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In high school, DiTullio, Jr. played four years for Canterbury. Since then, he has continued to play the game he loves in adult leagues and pick-up games around the area. Passionate about philanthropy and the local community, DiTullio, Jr. spends his free time volunteering and with his family.

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There are only a handful of VWM research projects in the world. The two main research projects are run by Professor Orna Elroy-Stein in Tel Aviv and by Dr. Marjo van der Knaap in Amsterdam. Both projects have made real progress recently and have identified compounds that might actually stop the progression of VWM. Professor Elroy-Stein’s work is currently funded for the next year, so the VWM Families Foundation is currently focused on supporting Dr. van der Knaap’s work.

Because VWM is such a rare disease, there is no external funding available to support these projects. This means that both of these projects are being entirely funded by VWM families throughout the world.

Neither potential treatment will be able to reverse any damage that has been done, meaning we need to rush this research as much as possible to preserve what motor skills our children have left and save as many lives as possible.

We have a goal of raising $2 million over the next year to ensure that these projects remain fully funded and can hopefully be expedited.

VWM causes the white matter in a patient’s brain to literally disappear and be replaced with water. With it a patient loses motor control. This results in all patients having severe physical disabilites and will inevitably lose the ability to walk.

Many people are suprised to hear that necessary medical equipment is often not covered by insurance. This can include motorized wheelchairs, feeding chairs, bathing seats, and standers.

In addition, as a child with VWM gets older it becomes impossible for families to include their VWM child in everyday life without disabled access in and out of the home and a wheelchair van to get their child around without having to lift them out of a wheelchairs. These things are not covered by insurance and families are expected to pay for them out of pocket. The financial burden on top of the stress of a sick child is more than families should have to bear.

We aim to help families by helping fund this necessary equipment and ease their financial burden.


The Danbury Hat Tricks are entering their fourth year in the Federal Prospect’s Hockey League after winning their first Commissioner’s Cup in 2022-23.

The Hat Tricks open their 56-game regular season next month against the Watertown Wolves in a home-and-home series starting on the road, Oct. 13 before returning to the Danbury Ice Arena the next night, Oct. 14, for the Home Opener and banner raising.

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