Hat Tricks to launch interview web series "Hat City Hockey Show"

by Danbury Hat Tricks Staff

The Danbury Hat Tricks are launching a weekly web series on their Youtube channel entitled "The Hat City Hockey Show." It is slated to premiere this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, at 1pm, and will continue to run in the same time slot.

Hosted by team broadcaster and Director of Communications Casey Bryant, the show will feature prominent guests from the sports and entertainment world, including former NHL players, pro broadcasters, web personalities and current Danbury Hat Tricks. Bryant will also comment on the latest news around Danbury and the hockey world in a similar style to the team's popular "John Oliver Saga" videos.

"We want to give fans something to look forward to every week until our games come back," explained Bryant. "Until 2021 rolls around and FPHL hockey is ready to go, we want to entertain our viewers and satisfy that hunger for hockey content."

The first episode of the "Hat City Hockey Show" will feature interviews with New York Islanders play-by-play broadcaster Brendan Burke (also of NBC Sports) and Hat Tricks forward Phil Bronner. 

"There will be something for everybody," Bryant continued. "We're hoping to give enough of a local flavor for our die-hards, some sports talk for general hockey fans and terrific stories for our more casual viewers. I think we've got an exciting guest list that people will really enjoy!"

Bryant also teased that the show's second episode will feature former New York Rangers goaltender and current MSG Networks analyst Steve Valiquette.

The Danbury Hat Tricks' Youtube channel is the most popular in the FPHL, boasting nearly 7,000 subscribers after its viral appearance on HBO's Last Week Tonight

Media inquiries can be directed to Casey Bryant at cbryant@danburyice.com. Be sure to follow the Danbury Hat Tricks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on sponsors, signings, scheduling and more.

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