Put it in the books! Howie Rose and Cory Anderson on Hat City Hockey Show

by Casey Bryant

It's a jam-packed episode of the Hat City Hockey Show! Legendary broadcaster Howie Rose (New York Mets, New York Rangers, New York Islanders) and Hat Tricks forward Cory Anderson stop by to chat with host Casey Bryant in an all-new video.

Anderson recounts his time at the prestigious Notre Dame, a Canadian prep school known for churning out NHL hockey talents like Morgan Reilly, Rod Brind'Amour and Barry Trotz. He also touches on his collegiate career at Manhattanville College, where he led the Valiants to their first NCAA Tournament appearance in 12 years.

Rose shares his thoughts on a variety of topics, from what Mets moments gave him the chills, to his thoughts on the Islanders' fisherman jerseys, to why the view from Madison Square Garden's booth may be the best in the league.


"[The Moose Jaw Warriors] told me I had all the potential in the world, but I wasn't ready for the team yet. They asked me what I was gonna do...and my dad pipes up and says, 'I think we're gonna go to Notre Dame.' I looked at him and in my head was like, 'Oh are we now?'" -Cory Anderson, on how he wound up at Notre Dame

"I'll tell you a little secret. If we didn't win [Beat the Booth], we might have lost Gary Cohen. If we let a couple fans basically walk in off the street and beat us at Mets trivia, he'd basically feel as though we were completely fraudulent, delegitimized, and exposed. He was really, really nervous about it! I said, 'Come on, man! We're just gonna have some fun!'" -Howie Rose on his appearance with Gary Cohen on SNY's Mets trivia show, "Beat the Booth"