Jonny Ruiz, Panthers' Randy Moller visits Hat City Hockey Show

by Casey Bryant

Episode 3 of the Hat City Hockey Show is here!

Jonny Ruiz appears as the first guest, discussing his celly game, his ISBHF Ball Hockey career for Team USA and playing with the Three-Headed Monster Line alongside Phil Bronner and Nicola Levesque.

Next, 13-year NHL defenseman-turned-broadcaster for the Florida Panthers Randy Moller stops by to share stories from his playing days and prolific broadcasting career. Moller is a viral sensation in the hockey world for his pop-culture goal calls for Panthers radio.

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"The thing I like about [Bronner and Levesque] most, they'll call you out on stuff you're doing wrong or you need to work on. As a player, a younger player, it's easier to adjust to the pro level...if you have two guys like that on your side." -Jonny Ruiz on the Three-Headed Monster Line of him, Phil Bronner and Nicola Levesque.

"I said 'Sure! Why not? What have we got to lose?' Nobody anticipated it was going to take off and be featured all over, Howard Stern Show and all that." -Randy Moller on his viral pop-culture goal calls that earned him celebrity in the Florida Panthers' radio booth.